Rules & Etiquette

We want everyone to have a great time at our events! To facilitate this we have some basic ground rules we require all guests to follow while at our event.

Reading Fetish Social is operated by ANIMAGI CIC, and therefore is subject to our Code of Conduct. By attending the event you are implicitly agreeing to our code of conduct.

18+ Only
Reading Fetish Social is a strictly 18+ event.

When in conversation, ensure everyone is consenting to the topics. If you are uncomfortable with a discussion state and make the person/people aware and let a member of ANIMAGI staff know if there is an issue. We emphasise that this is a safe, sex-positive space, therefore conversations around sexual intercourse, consensual BDSM and interactions of an intimate nature maybe be spoken about.

Conversations around illegal activities (excluding sex work) could result in a permanent ban.

Inline with current government guidelines, there is no requirement for social distancing, masks, COVID Pass or proof of vaccination at the event. Covid precautions are now a personal choice, but if you still wish to wear a mask or distance from others you’re more than welcome to.

We don’t sell tickets – the event is free for you to show up to on the day. ANIMAGI and The Blagrave Arms will never charge on the door for our socials. However, if you do want to support us we often have a raffle or other paid activities you can partake in.

Photography is permitted at the Reading Fetish Social, both via our event staff/official photographer(s) and yourself via your own camera/phone. We ask all our guests to be respectful when taking their own photos – apply common sense and ask permission of those in shot.

If you do not want to have your photo taken we operate a lanyard system – we ask all persons wishing not to have their photo taken to wear one of our red lanyards. This is a signal to our staff and each other you don’t want to be in any photos. If we do accidentally capture you in the background of any shots – these will be deleted and not published by ANIMAGI CIC.

ANIMAGI CIC reserve the right to use photos taken at the event in our social media / website and other publications and promotional material.

The bar is owned and operated by The Blagrave Arms, who kindly let us use their space for this event. They stock a huge range of drinks, so you’re bound to find a favourite.

The bar staff have the right to refuse any guest alcohol if they feel you’ve had too much.

What Should I Wear?
See our Dress Code. In short, whatever you want (complying with minimum swimwear coverage).

How Do I Get There?
It’s really easy to get to us! See details on our Venue for specifics.